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Pool Table Re-felting

We offer a full gamut of pool table services including:


We will remove your rails from the table then remove the old worn cloth. If your rubber is worn we can replace the rubber during this process. We’ll clean up your rails, scraping off all the old glue and removing the old staples giving you a completely restored rail that will look like new. We then re-felt the rails, re-felt the table bed with the highest quality cloth from Championship to Samonis. We have a variety of colors, textures and speeds to choose from.


Over time the rubber in your rails will wear out and become either hard or soft. Either consistency will affect the performance slowing balls, affecting angles and generally making your table play poorly. We can remove your old rubber, replace it with new rubber and your table will play like new again.


Over time the level of your table can become uneven. This occurs from people sitting on them, foundation moving, earth shift and poor setup. When this occurs balls will roll funny, shots that should go in won’t and shots that shouldn’t will. With our service we’ll come in and perfectly level your table giving it a smooth straight roll.