Web design is the art of creating beautiful presentations that convey a message to a user or potential customer.These presentations consist of static images, audio and video. Great web design guides the user down a path of learning and continues to engage them the deeper they get into the site.

In the application world this is the aesthetic interface sometimes referred to as a "skin" and determines the overall tone, simplicity and user experience associated with the raw functionality of the system.
Any website that needs to "do" something requires some order of programming. This can range from simple store functionality to a whole program devoted to project tracking.

Whether you need to collect, store, replicate, distribute or parse information to or from users, we are adept in most web based languages (PHP, ASP, Python, MySQL, SQL etc). Often there are already open source (much cheaper) alternatives available for many applications, but we also develop custom apps.
The vast majority of internet sessions begin with a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc). There are two ways to get your site listed there: Paid search (SEM) and website optimization (SEO). In the former case you bid a flat rate per click to be listed favorably, in the latter, a range of ~150 factors are weighted against all other sites exhibiting those same characteristics and listed based on a mathemateical score.

If that seems confusing, don't feel bad - it is. We can assist you.
This service boils down to "getting it to work". Test servers are one thing, but getting your website to operate properly on the web can be tricky.

While getting complex databases, VPN, server settings and user permissions correctly defined is the intended need for this offering, we also do offer support to basic sites as well for users struggling with publishing their site, DNS, database table structure for simple applications etc.